Asukselta Rog-tuoteperheen M-itx emolevy.

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    Tuollaista äsken facebookin sivuilla :)

    Mini-ITX Maximus VI Impact with innovative Impact Power and SupremeFX Impact audio

    Maximus VI Impact is the first ROG mini-ITX motherboard. Suitable for small form factor enthusiasts, it includes the Impact Power add-on card with 8+2 phase digital power for the CPU and memory, along with the SupremeFX Impact sound card, which features ELNA audio capacitors and 115dB SNR, plus a headphone amplifier to deliver high-quality and immersive gaming audio. An mPCIe Combo II card with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 is also included.

    Ja tuolla enempi juttua ja kuvia -->

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